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Weight loss of 15 kg, do you believe it?

2017-02-06 17:18

These days a little busy would not go to the ward, just entered the ward yesterday, I saw a very handsome man, then beside the nurse told me, he was just admitted, but I was not like this.

After listening to the nurses, when he came to my curiosity......

After reading his case, I believed what the nurse said......

Mr. Huang is in December 25, 2016 in our hospital, when Mr. Huang particularly fat, wearing heavy padded, if you can describe it, like "polar bear". His height 170cm, weight 74kg, the amount of urine per day can reach more than 2500ml, but there are a lot of foam in urine, check 24 hours urine protein quantitative 7.42g.


In fact, Mr. Huang found his legs swollen after the treatment is not the first time for the system, just to take a diuretic, because no edema disappeared, but also more and more serious, which attracted his attention, to the local hospital after being diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, treatment after a period of time, Mr. Huang no edema disappeared, the protein did not drop, he felt in here to continue treatment, will only waste more money, was discharged from the hospital.

In order to his own cure, Mr. Huang recipe has tried, but there was no significant effect of what, on the recommendation of a friend, he came to tongshantang hospital.

In fact, no disease how complex before treatment had no effect, because there is no symptomatic disease, starting from the root cause, repair the kidney basement membrane and damaged cells, reduce urinary protein leakage, at the same time, to clear the cause of renal inherent cells and basement membrane injury of the toxin protein will be gradually reduced, edema will disappear the weight will naturally decline.


After one week of treatment time, Mr. Huang's weight dropped to 59.2kg, decreased by almost 15kg, see this kind of treatment, he has full confidence in the treatment, one week after Mr. Huang will do a check, we look at his treatment at that time......

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