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Because a message, caused thoughts

2017-01-13 16:14

What is the doctor? Some people say that is an angel, some people say that is the devil, so in the end what is it?

The Dr. Zhang looked up at the table on the wall is 10:00, tidy up works and then go home. Because during the daytime work need rounds and treat patients, until the evening has time to write a case after treatment the patients.

Just back home, he received a message from the hospitalized patients, to see the patient's message, Dr. Zhang's thoughts back to first see Mr. Chen. Below to tell you about the patient's story:

Mr. Chen is come from Hunan, 31 years old, is a uremic patient. He used to be a soldier and became a martial arts coach after he retired from the army. When he first found this disease is at the time of examination. Since had the disease, he and his family have been a great strike, his lover because of this disease suffering from depression, he spent almost all his savings in the local, but the disease has not been well controlled, the local hospital is kept with dialysis, it cost lost but the symptoms did not improve.

 In an accidental opportunity, he came here from Hunan. When he came here just take 20 thousand dollars, the doctor saw the patient's eyes with look forward, as if looking for a life-saving straw, suddenly felt a pressure.

 At that time, Dr. Zhang thought: as a doctor, must reduce the patients’ pain and give the patient's survival hope.

Through the examination, the patient's creatinine reached 900μmol/L, hemoglobin is only 53g, belong to severe anemia. In addition, since get this disease, the patient's various states are not particularly good, no appetite to eat, sleep quality is poor, and so on. So the Dr. Zhang establish the confidence to patients and analysis of the disease, at the same time invited present Liu Luchuan, professor Zhang youkang and Liu Yaxian for his consultation, research condition and treatment plan.

The use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, on the one hand, use of dialysis to stabilize the condition, on the other hand, use the characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment to keep kidney warm, with the compensation of the kidney itself, to restore part of the function of the kidney.

Treatment is ongoing, but the patient is facing a big problem - no money. In order to enable patients to continue treatment, Dr. Zhang launched himself and the strength of the hospital, preparation of a public activity, from the beginning of the planning and publicity all of them are operation by Dr. Zhang. After half a month hard work, finally saw the return. At the same time the condition is achieved a good curative effect, hemoglobin is only 53g just before, now has been restored to 103g, creatinine also from 900μmol/L down to 400μmol/L. For such a treatment effect, the patient is very satisfied.

Currently in the treatment of uremia, the patient's choice is very large. And because the large number of hospitals, patients will inevitably be dazzling. In fact, for patients, compared to the treatment of hospital patients more inclined whether the hospital can solve their problems, and help them cure disease, relieve the pain. Now there is a mature therapy, it can fundamentally repair the damaged kidney cells, so as to improve the quality of patients’ life, get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant, and minimize the cost of treatment.

Treatment kidney disease must selection right treatment, early detection of the disease, are able to greatly reduce the cost of treatment. At present, the traditional methods include Chinese medicine, dialysis and kidney transplant, traditional Chinese medicine can adjust immunity of kidney transplant, but dose almost not reach to the kidney; instead of human kidney, dialysis will be excreted toxins, but it will need for lifelong maintenance dialysis, just one year also spend a lot of cost; kidney transplant is a high risk of treatment but cost high, rejection reflects difficult to prevent after kidney transplant, also need use of anti-rejection drugs for the rest of spare life. Kidney Disease is due to renal fibrosis and hair cell necrosis, so the treatment should start from the cause of disease, only these can cure kidney disease, Now there is a mature therapy, it can fundamentally repair the damaged kidney cells, so as to improve the quality of patients’ life, get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant, and minimize the cost of treatment.

The patient is going to be discharged tomorrow. In this treatment because patients have so many complications, in order to give a better treatment, doctor help him planning activities and give their love, in this treatment doctor as the role of angel.

However, every time a doctor can appear as an angel?

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