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In hurry leave hospital, but the results of the review...

2017-02-04 16:00

Mr. He looked at the laboratory test came out from the hospital alone, anyway he did not think of why he have a kidney disease? What happened in the end! Look Down……

Mr. He is 29 years old, when he was cold he found his legs edema, so he went to the local hospital inspection: protein 3+, occult blood 2+, quantitative test of 24h urinary protein is 5.01g, was diagnosed with primary nephrotic syndrome. After a period of treatment in the local area, edema did not disappear, the review of quantitative test of 24h urinary protein is 7.89g. Thought such a treatment effect, Mr. He gave up the city's treatment came to the provincial capital

The first time I saw Mr. He, just feel his legs fat and mild edema, check the BMI: 37.2kg/m facility, for such results already belongs to severe obesity. Examination of quantitative test of 24h urinary protein was 5.14g.

Through understanding, his habits are not particularly good, stay up late, love to eat snacks and don’t love sports. This caused Mr. He’s weight, he is not only very fat, but also the immune system is particularly low, it is easy to get sick. This time he because of cold induced edema of lower extremities, mainly because of infection cause the body's immune system disorders, and resulting in a large number of immune complexes in vivo, which is toxins produced by the body, all of these require renal clearance, one or two times or a small amount of clearance is not much impact. But if long-term repeated infection, a large number of toxins will accumulate in the kidneys, which will damage the renal blood vessels, with the passage of time, the kidneys will appear inflammatory reaction.

Mr. He’s treatment effect is not good before, just because he not pay attention to the present of toxins in the body, and direct use of renal drug treatment, so the treatment effect is certainly not good. Because when people accumulate a lot of toxins in the body, it will greatly offset the effect of therapeutic drugs. So, it is necessary to clean up toxins in the body first, then use of drugs to treat kidney.

Through our characteristic traditional Chinese medicine treatment after a period of time, his legs edema disappeared, Examination of quantitative test of 24h urinary protein was 0.98g, at this time he should have continue to consolidate the treatment, but he discharge earlier because of family matter, when he discharge takes 2 months of Chinese medicine compliance to receive treatment at home.

In October 29th he returned back, this is mainly to review, through the examination of protein, occult blood clearance, after got the review results Mr. He went home happily.

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