diet for kidney disease
How to arrange a diet for dialysis patients

How to arrange a diet for dialysis patients

How will the patients diet be dialed? Beijings best kidney disease hospital said, in fact, dialysis patients and non-dialysis patients diet is different, dialysis patients diet has its particularity, see kidney disease experts: Give high calorie: do not c...

How will the patient's diet be dialed? Beijing's best kidney disease hospital said, in fact, dialysis patients and non-dialysis patients diet is different, dialysis patients diet has its particularity, see kidney disease experts:

· Give high calorie: do not consider giving the protein to remove the wheat starch and other food, and can give some fried foods to ensure that the amount of fat into the feed, supply enough heat.

The amount of sodium and water intake: in the early dialysis, if there are still more obvious edema, should continue to control the sodium salt (salt) and water intake, in order to maintain the weight between the two dialysis increased by no more than 2 kg Is appropriate, so easy to control high blood pressure and heart failure.

Adequate protein is essential: dialysis patients should be high protein diet, should be added per kilogram of body weight of about 1.5 kg of protein, of which peritoneal dialysis patients daily loss of protein from the peritoneal fluid about 10 grams, with the extension of dialysis time, The amount of protein lost more, should pay attention to the corresponding supplement. Supplemented protein to high quality protein as well, such as eggs, milk, fish, lean meat, poultry and other food.

· Add vitamins, trace elements and other food: dialysis patients are often associated with the loss of nutrients, and vitamins, trace elements are essential to the human body, should be given in a timely manner. You can eat some fresh fruit, vegetables and so on. Dialysis patients are often accompanied by anemia, need to eat some foods rich in iron, such as liver, spinach and so on.

Experts said the need to dialysis patients before dialysis must choose a formal specialist hospital, so that delay their illness!

The use of high-end equipment for the treatment of nephropathy, respectively, to stop the process of blocking renal failure - to promote cell regeneration and repair of renal function - to improve creatinine, urea nitrogen scavenging ability of three steps:

The first step: ultra-low frequency electric pulse kidney disease treatment machine, activation of damaged kidney cells metabolic function, improve renal failure in patients with internal environmental disorders and hypoxia, for the repair to create a good internal environment, the supply of essential substances to repair the kidney: , Trace elements, amino acids and proteins, repair glomerular mechanical barrier and charge barrier of the organizational structure, the recovery of glomerular selective filtration function;

The second step: the whole computer high-frequency infrared hyperthermia kidney disease treatment machine, so that the kidney tissue to achieve treatment temperature and maintain a certain period of time, high temperature heating can relieve renal vasospasm to promote renal blood circulation, so that necrotic tubular epithelial cell regeneration, promote cell activation Regeneration, improve glomerular basement membrane permeability, repair renal function. High-frequency infrared heating can make blood vessels to expand, increase blood flow, increase the secretion of urine, promote metabolites, inflammatory products, pain substances and bacterial toxins excretion and elimination, restore renal function, prevent complications, thereby promoting the body's natural recovery , High penetration in the kidney, a comprehensive repair of renal function;

The third step, the whole computer digital in vitro short-wave shock treatment machine, through the superconducting short wave from the glaze to stimulate the human nerve excitability, stimulate the mobilization of righteousness, regulate immunity, improve glomerular filtration rate, reduce protein and other macromolecules leakage, balance The body neurohumoral endocrine system, is a superconducting speed treatment, while improving creatinine, urea nitrogen clearance ability, and comprehensively improve the renal system function.

The above is the kidney disease experts for dialysis patients how to arrange the diet to answer this question, experts suggest that dialysis patients is best under the arrangement of the attending physician diet, because each patient's physical condition is only the most understanding of the attending physician, should listen Listen to physician's opinion!


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