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Uremia is the process of poisoning the human body with products of protein metabolism. It develops because of a disturbance in the normal functioning of the kidneys. This condition is sometimes called self-poisoning by urine. Its name from...

Uremia is the process of poisoning the human body with products of protein metabolism. It develops because of a disturbance in the normal functioning of the kidneys. This condition is sometimes called "self-poisoning by urine". Its name from Latin is translated as "urine" and "blood". The disease is characterized by pathological changes occurring in the system of neuro-humoral regulation of the body. Uremia has a rather complex pathogenesis.


CAUSES The pathogenesis of the disease is complicated, since the cause of uremia can be any kidney disease that leads to kidney failure. This body starts to work worse and does not fulfill its basic functions. As a consequence, not all the toxins are removed from the human body. Harmful substances accumulate and even more worsen the condition of the kidneys. The causes of uremia largely depend on the form of the disease. Renal failure may develop due to:

Kidney damage;

Poisoning with poisons;

Burns and shock;

 Massive hemolysis with blood transfusion of an unsuitable group or rhesus;

Sepsis (the pathogenesis of this disease leads to the rapid development of renal failure).

In this case, they speak of the onset of acute uremia. Irreversible processes of extinction of kidney function lead to chronic uraemia. The pathogenesis of the disease lies in the ailments that previously affected this body - glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, congenital nephritis, cysts in the kidneys.

KINDS(Types of)

In medicine to distinguish between two forms of uremia: acute and chronic:

 Acute uremia. The whole body is characterized by not only the kidneys but also the obstacles. Increasing the creatinine in the blood, urea, ammonia, indigo concentrations, and other products of nitrogen metabolism. If the development of azotemicheskaya uremia, the blood also changes the chlorine, magnesium, potassium content. The body will gradually interfere with acid-base balance. It is important to understand the pathogenesis and the symptoms of the disease, to detect it at the early stages of development, and to provide patients to the hospital. The sooner it is done, the risk of his various complications is less.

 Chronic uremia. This is the final stage in the development of diffuse kidney changes. In the form of this disease is broken all the kidneys, which leads to the development conditions that will endanger human health. The treatment of chronic uremia is very complex and it is not always effective.


In the symptoms of uremia gradually appear. As time went by, they began to grow and the worsening of the human condition. The disease can be detected in its early signs:

 People are drowsy, listless, drowsy;

 The skin becomes dry and loose; the hair and nails become dry and brittle;

 Pale, with a yellowish tone. Gradually, it becomes swollen;

With uremia, a person experiences drowsiness

 There is a characteristic on the skin, white patches like cream. This is a specific symptom. White crystals on the skin - are urea;

 The patient experiences severe itching. If he starts to comb the skin, it can be added to suppurative infection; the body bleeds (the reason for this phenomenon has been studied very rarely);

Bloody diarrhea;

Work aggravated brain;

 Nausea and vomiting;

Features - Ammonia from the mouth;

 In the back of the muscles, shoulders and pelvis patients feel weak.

Soon, the patient completely lost his appetite, it will no longer take any food. So there are hallucinations, twitching and coma.

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