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Treatment of uremia

Treatment of uremia

The disease has taken the wrong treatment, it will delay the disease, leading to deterioration of the disease. So when we are suffering from the disease, we must find a cure. Expert of expert of kidney disease hospital introduces: the treat...

The disease has taken the wrong treatment, it will delay the disease, leading to deterioration of the disease. So when we are suffering from the disease, we must find a cure. Expert of expert of kidney disease hospital introduces: the treatment of nephrosis and uremia, also have a lot of mistakes, we need to have the correct understanding, in the treatment of detours.

Myth: hormones can cure kidney disease

At the early stage of nephropathy have symptoms of burnout, legs heavy, the morning after the face will be swollen, check to the hospital, found a protein or occult blood in the urine, was confirmed as nephropathy.

The conventional treatment of nephropathy, often using oral corticosteroids, cyclophosphamide, Tripterygium drugs to control urine protein and occult blood. Just the beginning of the treatment effect is obvious, the index quickly improved, disappeared, but encountered a cold, tired and attack. Then, began to use hormone, so repeatedly, each time gradually increased, such as nausea and vomiting occurred in renal insufficiency symptoms.

Nephrotic Hospital experts uremia professor pointed out that the truth is actually very simple, appeared in the urine protein and occult blood because of the glomerular basement membrane was seriously damaged, the simple use of some control drugs, see occult blood temporarily disappeared from the index, urinary protein, kidney disease is not equal to the cure, these hormone drugs have significant side effects the symptoms, not cure, the index decline will rise tomorrow today.

Myth two: indicators to prove the improvement of kidney disease

Early kidney disease symptoms, if only pay attention to the control treatment of urinary protein, white blood cells, blood, pus ball, pure fall index, and the reason of kidney disease not treated, eventually there will be a decline in kidney function, a large number of toxins in the blood volume, blood creatinine and urea nitrogen increased.

The traditional method of treatment: as long as the blood creatinine, urea nitrogen test index fell, the control of the kidney. Then the patients were given oral Esit, starch, Niaoduqing, Jinshuibao, Shenshuaining and other intestinal detoxification drug used to lower serum creatinine and urea nitrogen. However, the function of the kidney, which has been seriously damaged, can be repaired, so the kidney will be attacked by a large number of drugs while taking these drugs.

If things go on like this, experts pointed out that the patient's kidney function deteriorated rapidly, thus losing the very valuable treatment time. Patients gradually develop severe anemia and frequent vomiting, not eating, anorexia, high blood pressure, urine decreased, sleep not supine, shortness of breath and symptoms of uremia, had to go on long-term dialysis or transplant road.

Misunderstanding three: dialysis, unable to get rid of

Dialysis is the treatment of uremia. However, western medicine, uremia patients if the beginning of hemodialysis, in order to get rid of it is impossible, but the fact is not so. Experts pointed out that: because each person's primary disease is not the same, leading to the cause of uremia and incentives are not exactly the same. If we can take effective measures to cure the original disease to remove incentives, get rid of blood is completely possible.

Four mistakes: kidney transplant, a better solution

The tragic story of the media in recent years on the transplant of organ transplantation, makes a lot of people think a uremic kidney transplant. In fact, few people are lucky enough to transplant a success, because the kidney is too small, if not immediate relatives can provide, in accordance with the law of our country, waiting for the opportunity but also the cadaveric kidney matching success is too little. But not every transplantation can be successful, in case of failure, the patient should continue to receive dialysis treatment, even in the face of the transplant again.

There are a number of diseases is not recommended for a kidney transplant, the experts stressed that some patients with chronic hepatitis or liver function is normal, nephritis activity period, peptic ulcer, urinary tract infection and associated with urinary tract obstruction, are not recommended for renal transplantation.

In fact, the kidney is not a permanent solution, after transplantation, also need to take anti rejection drugs for life, the monthly need considerable cost, together with dialysis almost. A medical expert statistics: the average survival period after the transplantation for 7 years, and Chinese after renal transplantation survival period is generally 5 to 7 years.



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