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External therapy for uremia

External therapy for uremia

Often in uremic patients because of nausea and vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms are prominent, and the disease of yin and yang qi asthenia, cold and heat syndromes, so the oral Chinese medicine often limited. External treatment...

Often in uremic patients because of nausea and vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms are prominent, and the disease of yin and yang qi asthenia, cold and heat syndromes, so the oral Chinese medicine often limited. External treatment can make up for its shortcomings, can not only broaden the way of treatment, but also can improve the curative effect. The external treatment in recent years has received considerable attention in uremia. We choose between: enema with rhubarb positive 15 ~ 30g, 15 ~ 30g 30g of Pulsatilla chinensis, phellodendron, Huaihua 15 ~ 30g, 1 ~ 4.5g of Asarum Decoction to 200 ~ 300ml, retention enema. Deficiency of rhubarb 10 ~ 15g, 6 ~ 10g of Asarum Aconite Decoction, 3 ~ 4.5g to 200 ~ 300ml, for retention enema, treatment 3 ~ 15 days. Someone with rhubarb, raw oysters, dragonbones, chronic renal failure and processed aconite, decoction 200 ~ 300ml enema, that rhubarb can reduce turbidity, keel, oysters have adsorption of urea nitrogen; or by rhubarb, radish seed 30g, licorice 15g, fried thick 200ml, daily 1 agent, retention enema or use the intestines; Rhubarb, Huaihua, Centella 30g, hematochezia plus Burnet, fried into 150 ~ 200ml; also useful Single Herb Rhubarb enema take effect. According to traditional Chinese medicine retention enema treatment of uremia, after more than 20 years of clinical practice has confirmed the exact effect. In uremic patients, non protein nitrogen and other metabolites in vivo retention enema may, by dialysis turbid pathogens, dredging the triple energizer, make the water under the poison, Qing Yang to rise, so as to alleviate the condition, the purpose of prolonging life. At present, enema is Jiangzhuo effective treatment for hypernatremia, because the intestinal mucosa is also a kind of biological membrane by dialysis, enema, increased stool frequency, stool with nitrogen containing substances in blood can make Hyperazotemic symptoms improved. Patients with weak spleen and stomach is more suitable for enema therapy. External application of 1 medicinal rhubarb navel therapy, aconite and asarum, borneol powder, 80 mesh sieve, into the bottle. When will the powder fill the navel, fixed with gauze, dressing was changed every 3 days, from 15 to 20 days for a course. 2 paste dressing with raw aconite, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, aloes, rhubarb, borneol and other research into 120 specifications of the powder, with 1.9% azone solution and powder, powder topical gauze wrapped in the bilateral Shenshu and Guanyuan, every 3 days change 1 times, 5 to 10 times for 1 course of treatment. 3 plaster method monkshood and asarum, safflower, chuanxiong, pangolin scales, Vaccaria, herb 100g, rhubarb 60g. The above drugs into the sesame oil suffering, Huang Dan cream. When cleaning the skin, apply the plaster after heating renal area. Dressing 1 times a week, no limit. This method of warming kidney yang, blood stasis, detumescence, diuresis. According to the clinical practice shows that the effect of external treatment by drugs, acupuncture points and meridians, can not only reduce the serum creatinine and urea nitrogen in uremic patients, improve clinical symptoms and protect renal function; also can improve uremic toxin, external therapy also has many advantages: without gastrointestinal absorption, not subject to the effect of liver first pass, and can guarantee the time specified and long; due to the blood concentration in a stable state, can reduce the side effects of drugs; if not, can remove the drug source; can avoid multiple dosing, make the most of the patients are easy to accept and can reduce the frequency of administration; the different methods; can be applied flexibly according to the specific circumstances of the patient. Therefore, the utility model has the advantages of simplicity, convenience, economy and convenience, and is worthy of popularization and application. 1 bath diaphoresis diaphoresis medicinal ephedra, asarum, notopterygium, cassia, angelica, Atractylodes, safflower, 30g, boil for 20 minutes, to slag juice into the tub, bath for 30 minutes or so, the heating water bath time should continue to maintain the body temperature, sweat, every day or every other day for 1 times. For 3 ~ 10 times, with bath sweating, daily urinary volume can reach about 2500ml. Note: the bath to avoid sweating sweating, to prevent collapse. 2 foot sweating from pepper, safflower, Atractylodes, asarum, wind, notopterygium, angelica, ephedra, cassia twig, leaf 30g, boil for 15 minutes, poured into the bucket, until the temperature after the feet into the water, then gradually heated water, until the bucket is filled, a total immersion for 40 minutes, the whole body sweating and 1 times a day, after 10 ~ 15 times of treatment, daily urine volume can reach about 2500ml. According to suffering from uremia, due to progressive renal injury and renal unit reduced renal clearance ability of water and electrolyte, uric acid and nitrogen metabolism is greatly reduced, these substances in the body, causing urinary retention, symptoms of poisoning. In addition to these metabolites by kidney, intestine, respiratory tract excluded, still through the excretion of sweat. Under normal circumstances, the secretion of sweat per day is about 350 ~ 750ml, through sweat and sweat secretion increased significantly, resulting in exciting body Yang, adjust blood redistribution, improve microcirculation, eliminate some of the toxins, reduce blood urea nitrogen concentration. Due to the large number of metabolic toxins from the sweat from the damaged kidney, reduce the burden, thus creating opportunities for patients to repair. Clinical observation of patients with uremia, sweating, patients usually feel refreshed, spiritual good, appetite, urine volume increased, edema subsided quickly, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms have improved. But when sweating to keep warm, especially in elderly patients to prevent syncope; living, sweating during the diet should be light, to prevent excessive sweating, consumption of Yin yang. Obviously hurt the Yin, should not use this method.


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