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The relationship between microalbuminuria and hypertension in nephropathy

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The relationship between microalbuminuria and hypertension in nephropathy

Proteinuria and hypertension are two common symptoms of kidney disease patients, how they are caused, and what is the relationship? Nephrotic patients how to get rid of these symptoms?


Nephrotic patients due to damage to the kidneys inherent cells, so the barrier filtration function will decrease. The protein in the blood will enter the urine, so patients will appear foam urine and proteinuria.


Nephrotic patients because of anemia, leading to renal ischemia and hypoxia renin secretion, excessive secretion of renin can lead to vascular stenosis, so patients with kidney disease will have high blood pressure. In addition, more patients often suffer from protein loss, but also have to follow a strict diet, protein intake is insufficient, but the protein has the effect of water lock, kidney disease patients often because of the lack of protein in the body and edema, which is the patient will be one of the causes of high blood pressure.

And constantly proteinuria and high blood pressure will increase kidney damage, so for patients with kidney disease, control these symptoms also play a vital role. Currently clinically, there are already many medicine can control proteinuria and high blood pressure, but patients want to fundamentally get rid of these symptoms, repair kidney to improve renal function is essential. Western medicine, although the treatment of the kidney can not do anything, but the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of the kidney has made a huge breakthrough.

Micro-traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease:

Micro-traditional Chinese medicine in the active ingredient can broaden the blood vessels, increase renal blood perfusion, glomerular filtration area increased, so the kidney function will be improved, in addition, the active ingredients in the drug can accurately find the lesion site, Adsorbs and pulverizes these immune complexes and metabolites, which are metabolized by the cell and metabolize it with the blood loop, so that the renal hypersensitivity reaction stops and the kidney fibrosis stops. The final drug in the nutritional content of the damaged cells will be repaired to improve renal function.

Only to improve renal function, in order to fundamentally reduce proteinuria and high blood pressure. Now if you want to know more about our treatment or seek more knowledge of kidney disease, contact our online customer service and we will reply to you in time.


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