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Do early stage of CKD patients need to worry about their physical condition?

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Do early stage of CKD patients need to worry about their physical condition?

Chronic kidney disease patients in the early stage, because the remaining renal function is still a lot and can maintain the normal activities of the kidney, so usually do not feel uncomfortable symptoms. So early stage chronic nephropathy patients always do not care about their own physical condition, often wait until the disease develop to end stage and regret. Nephropathy is a chronic development process, for patients with early stage CKD, a timely and effective prevention and treatment can block the further deterioration of kidney disease, so that patients with early stage of kidney disease, should not be careless.

Under normal circumstances, because early stage CKD in patients without obvious symptoms, so they often find that they have kidney disease in routine tests, such as blood tests found that creatinine higher than normal, or in urine Routine detection found in protein or red blood cells, and then in some ultrasound examination found abnormal renal changes. There are patients with diabetes and high blood pressure should pay attention to these diseases are particularly prone to kidney disease. Finally, there are families with polycystic kidney disease history also need to always pay attention to their physical condition. Once the above mentioned issues should be brought to attention, timely medical treatment.

So how can early stage chronic kidney disease patients prevent further deterioration of the disease? Maintain a healthy lifestyle plays a role that can not be ignored.

1. scientific diet, eat cereals, vegetables and fruits; eat less high fat, high cholesterol food; strict control of sugar and salt intake.

2. Keep blood pressure within the normal range.

3. Control blood sugar level.

4. quit smoking and drinking.

5. To maintain a happy mood and a positive attitude, and actively participate in activities to exercise.

6. often do the renal function test, once found something abnormal, take timely medical treatment.

A healthy lifestyle does extend the time of kidney health, but if you want to completely block kidney damage you need to take timely treatment. Chinese herbal medicine in our hospital can dilated blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and degradation of the extracellular matrix, can effectively block the renal hypersensitivity, improve renal ischemia and hypoxia, fundamentally block the kidneys damage. Patients with early stages of chronic kidney disease can contact our online doctor for more help and we will be happy to help you.


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