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How’s the effect of Ketosteril with creatinine of renal failure patients?

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How’s the effect of Ketosteril with creatinine of renal failure patients?

How’s the effect of Ketosteril with creatinine of renal failure patients?When patients with renal failure have high creatinine, the doctor will often recommend patients taking the Ketosteril. So how’s the effect of Ketosteril with the creatinine? This article will make some introduction of the Ketosteril, hoping to help you.

The Ketosteril is usually used when the rate of glomerular penetration is less than 25 ml per minute and is taken with a low-protein diet. By taking this drug, patients with renal failure can benefit from the following:

1. Most of the symptoms of renal failure is caused by protein metabolism, by taking Ketosteril the symptoms can be alleviated, such as proteinuria, edema, weakness and so on.

2. Protection of renal function and delay the development of renal failure.

3. Timely adhere to a low-protein diet, the patient is still able to obtain the necessary nutrition.

4. Reduce the complications caused by metabolic disorders because of renal insufficiency, such as metabolic disorders, renal damage, secondary hyperthyroidism and so on.

Although patients with renal failure will receive some short-term efficacy through the drug, but will also be affected by some side effects, such as hypercalcemia, when the patient suffers from this symptom, it should reduce vitamin D intake appropriately, and if high Calcium is persistent, it should be reduced by the same dose and calcium intake. In short, the patient should be in the doctor's advice under the medication, when to eat, How much to eat, How to eat, should pay attention to, according to their physical condition of scientific medication.

It is worth mentioning that Ketosteril can only alleviate the symptoms, but can not carry out kidney repair. Patients will only rely more and more dependent on drugs, and missed the best treatment time, so patients with renal failure should be timely to find a treatment of kidney program. At this point the patient can try our micro-traditional Chinese medicine therapy, you can contact our online customer service to understand more about the treatment of renal failure,  we will reply in a timely manner.


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