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Proteinuria treatment specific solution

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Proteinuria treatment specific solution

Proteinuria treatment according to different circumstances different treatment of proteinuria in clinical common in all types of kidney disease, especially nephrotic syndrome, one of the typical indications is a large number of proteinuria. So, what is the treatment of proteinuria? Nephrology hospital experts for you to introduce some of the details:

At present, the treatment of proteinuria at home and abroad, especially a large number of proteinuria mainly use immunosuppressive agents, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, which is said Western medicine treatment, although a certain effect, but the effect is not obvious, and there are different degrees Side effects such as liver and kidney damage, myelosuppression and gonadal atrophy.

Chinese medicine treatment of proteinuria

For Chinese medicine, according to the cause of proteinuria, pathology and symptoms of patients with symptoms, from the long-term start, through the spleen and warm kidney, blood circulation and other proteinuria treatment can not only eliminate proteinuria, but also to prevent chronic kidney disease Continues to worsen.

① Chinese medicine treatment of proteinuria from the generation of proteinuria start:

For Western medicine mentioned in the proteinuria, Chinese medicine according to its clinical manifestations, can be attributed to "edema", "virtual" and other areas. The disease may be due to exogenous and internal injuries and other causes. The causes are many, such as eating disorders, spleen deficiency, etc., long-term accumulation in the body, it will hinder the blood stagnation, these pathogenic factors in the course of the development process will often increase the condition. In addition, the causes of proteinuria and physical factors or immune factors also have a certain relationship.

② different reasons, Chinese medicine for the treatment of proteinuria are not the same:

According to the reasons for the emergence of clinical proteinuria, based on the understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of Chinese medicine, our hospital successfully developed a treatment of kidney disease quadruple therapy, namely: immune, kidney, kidney, repair, in order to achieve the effect of treatment of proteinuria.

③ In addition, according to the damaged parts of the treatment of proteinuria.

Proteinuria can be pided into glomerular and renal tubular, glomerular proteinuria refers to the presence of glomerular filtration barrier (by the epithelial cells, basement membrane and dirty cells constitute) damaged, pore opening, So that the emergence of macromolecular substances in the urine, leading to the occurrence of proteinuria. Or because of the negative charge of the glomerular reduction, urinary albumin excretion will be significantly increased, a large number of proteinuria; renal tubular proteinuria in the renal tubular damage and filtration membrane normal case, the filter out small Molecular proteins can not be absorbed by proximal tubules, leading to the appearance of proteinuria. Of course, we should also reduce the protein at the same time for the reasons for the emergence of the damaged parts of the repair site to prevent the protein continue to leak.

What is the treatment of proteinuria? The above is a specific description of the problem, and hope to help you, and found that proteinuria symptoms must be timely treatment, so as not to delay the disease caused by other kidney disease, the consequences would be disastrous, for you Healthy life please promptly to the regular hospital treatment.

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