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Urine protein must be kidney disease it?

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Urine protein must be kidney disease it?

Urinary protein is called proteinuria, that is, urine protein. Normal urine containing a small amount of small molecule protein, general urine routine examination can not be measured, when the urine protein increases, urine routine examination can be measured that proteinuria. Proteinuria is a common manifestation of kidney disease, systemic disease can also appear proteinuria.

There can be many causes of proteinuria, including: functional proteinuria, postural proteinuria, or pathogenic proteinuria. Common are: strenuous exercise, the fever of the extreme, eating high-protein diet; walnut folder phenomenon; a variety of kidney disease and renal vascular disease.

Clinical manifestations of urinary protein

1. Functional proteinuria

Functional proteinuria is a mild (24-hour urine protein quantification generally no more than 0.5 to 1 gram), temporary proteinuria, after the removal of proteinuria quickly disappeared. Often occurs in young adults, can be seen in the spirit of tension, severe cold or heat, long march, strong physical labor, congestive heart failure, eating high protein diet.

2. Postural proteinuria

Morning urine urine protein, wake up after the gradual emergence of proteinuria, standing for a long time, walking or strengthening the lordosis of the spine, the urine protein content increased, 1 hour after the rest of the urine protein content decreased or disappeared, mostly in the slender Body of youth or adult. Repeated postural proteinuria, need to pay attention to the exception of kidney disease, such as nutcracker phenomenon (also known as left renal vein compression syndrome, is due to aortic and superior mesenteric artery caused by left renal vein).

3. Pathological proteinuria

Proteinuria persistence, urinary protein content is more urine routine examination often associated with hematuria, white blood cells and tubular urine. And may be accompanied by other kidney disease performance, such as high blood pressure, edema and so on. Pathological proteinuria is mainly seen in a variety of glomeruli, tubulointerstitial disease, hereditary nephropathy, renal vascular disease and other kidney disease.

Check urinary protein in three categories

Qualitative check

Urine routine is best for the first morning urine, morning urine is the strongest, and can exclude body proteinuria. Leave urine specimens, the first paragraph of the abandoned, to take the middle of the urine. Qualitative examination is only screening screening, kidney disease diagnosis, disease observation and efficacy should be done to do quantitative examination.

2. Quantitative inspection

24 hours urine protein quantitative, accurate to take 24 hours urine protein, mix, take urine sample inspection.

3. Special inspection

Such as urinary protein electrophoresis, urinary light chain quantitative, urinary system B ultrasound, renal biopsy, pathological examination, need to be based on clinical diagnosis and treatment needs to be checked.

Urine protein diagnosis

According to the situation of proteinuria, combined with edema, hypertension, diabetes, allergic purpura, gout, kidney injury drug use and family history, combined with physical examination, such as pleural effusion, anemia, heart and kidney, fundus examination, The results of the inspection results to diagnose.

Daily diet needs attention

Usually pay attention to avoid too high protein diet. Regular physical examination, if proteinuria early detection. Diabetes and high blood pressure, gout 5 to 10 years or more should be at least once every half to 1 year urine routine. Attention to try to avoid drugs that may cause kidney damage: such as antipyretic analgesics, some antibiotics and unknown ingredients. If necessary, need to be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

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