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Is kidney transplantation the best treatment for creatinine

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Is kidney transplantation the best treatment for creatinine

What is the best treatment for renal transplantation is creatinine?Hi, my creatinine is 5.1, i do not want to do dialysis. Can I take kidney transplantation to lower creatinine? This is a message left by the patient. Now, this article will explain in detail.

First, kidney transplantation has the function of reducing the high creatinine level indeed. Kidney transplantation is to replace a new kidney in the patient's body, the new kidney can replace the damaged kidney and work. So you can use this new kidney to live normally. However, the patient must first clear that all toxins and waste products should be completely excreted to ensure that the new kidneys can function properly. Worse still, the transplanted kidneys always have the opportunity to rule out your body tissue, then what kind of choice do you have? Continue dialysis or seek another kidney? So, kidney transplantation is not the best treatment for creatinine 5.1?

Today, dialysis and kidney transplantation are no longer the only choice for patients, patients can choose natural therapy to treat kidney disease. You can choose natural therapy, which is the basic method of treating kidney disease problems. In addition, tongshantang hospital kidney Disease hospital’s kidney experts lay stress on that the deposition of toxins and waste will not only cause harm to the body, but also affect other treatment effects, in order to help patients excrete a variety of toxins, kidney experts proposed detoxification therapy.

Then, Osmotherapy of Micro-traditional Chinese medicine is a therapy to restore renal function. This is a external therapy that contains a lot of herbs. In addition, this treatment is used with advanced equipment, so this treatment can be the best way to restore renal function. In addition, medicine bath, foot bath, hot compress treatment are also used to restore renal function. Although kidney transplantation is not enough to reduce creatinine levels, but you can try to use traditional Chinese medicine to reduce the level of creatinine.


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