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Is aspirin bad for your kidneys?

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Is aspirin bad for your kidneys?

Aspirin Overview

In addition to antipyretic analgesic and anti-rheumatic effects, aspirin can affect the accumulation of platelets and anti-thrombosis, to achieve the role of anticoagulation. Therefore, aspirin is widely used. We need to understand some of its side effects.

Does aspirin have any effect on the kidneys?Is aspirin bad for your kidneys?

1 In general, aspirin has no significant effect on normal renal function.

2 However, there are a few people, especially with heart, liver, kidney damage in the elderly, even before the medication is not normal kidney, after administration may also cause renal tubular damage, edema, polyuria and other symptoms. Severe cases can also cause interstitial nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and even kidney failure.

3 aspirin on the kidney causes these injuries may be due to the presence of recessive renal damage or glomerular perfusion, on the other hand, aspirin inhibits the activity of in vivo cyclooxygenase, making the synthesis of local prostaglandins reduced, Affect the body's compensation, which appears edema and other symptoms.

Is aspirin bad for your kidneys?

Attention to taking aspirin:

In the process of using aspirin, we have to pay attention to some of its adverse reactions. If there is a need to immediately stop, in addition, the need to deal with the corresponding symptoms.

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