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"Belt and Road Initiative give informal development of Chine

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"Belt and Road Initiative give informal development of Chine

“The Belt and Road "is not only a historical memory" For Fujian", it is more of a political declaration, is also a reflection of China soft power. This policy has great wisdom and strategic vision. Today, China is moving towards a world power, pointing out a clear direction for the road of traditional Chinese medicine."

Fujian provincial health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Ruan Shiwei examines the development strategy of "The Belt and Road" from another angle, very impressive and enlighten.

As the starting point of China's Maritime Silk Road, the former port of Quanzhou was the same fame as Alexandria in Egypt. For thousands of years, with sails, primitive culture Tanshishan culture in Fujian, the extension of the development of the Austronesian language, affects the entire region.

Ruan Shi Wei said, the first thing "the Belt and Road," to do is economic zone, Fujian will fully explore cultural resources in the future, promote the famous doctors, Chinese medicine, cultural stories, attractions of Fujian. For example, Paosheng Wu tao is very influential in the Southeast Asian region. He served as the song physician, then give treatment to the ordinary, with noble medical ethics, deeply loved by the people. Bao Sheng also became the Taoism deity in the Chinese south Fujian, Chaoshan area and Taiwan, Southeast Asian. 

Xiamen Haicang District and Fujian University of traditional Chinese medicine cooperate to build cross-strait "Bao Sheng Da" Chinese medicine culture communication base. The Museum of traditional Chinese medicine of Bao Sheng was built to demonstrate the heritage and development of traditional Chinese medicine in mainland China and Taiwan Province, and to promote the spirit of Tzu Chi Tzu chi. The Tzu Chi Cultural Festival held on both sides of the Taiwan Straits has also been held for many years and has become more and more influential.

Ruan Shi Wei said that there are a large number of overseas Chinese in Fujian province. Only  Anxi county receive nearly a million people a year. If these people are have health problems, they will try Chinese medicine when they return to china. In the past, the information on this aspect of Fujian was not fully mastered. In the future, the province envisaged to use the information network technology to make statistics and sort out the relevant personnel and consultation materials. At the same time, Fujian should strictly control the quality and increase the standardization of the traditional Chinese medicine gene map, and produce and export Chinese herbal medicines and herbs with guaranteed quality. The rise of Putian city CEO Chinese medicine, Fujian province is becoming "The Belt and Road" one of the "model". The project combines the real estate, medical, exhibition, health tourism and traditional Chinese medicine. There are traditional Chinese medicine botanical garden and health service industry, and the CEO city is listed as the national cultural and educational base for Chinese medicine.

"Belt and Road Initiative give informal development of Chinese Medicine

Ruan Shi Wei said that the new silk road should be a worldwide promotion and application, we should actively use the information network to promote China's cultural publicity, to avoid the Western cultural aggression. The most effective way to integrate traditional Chinese medicine, and Western medicine is to highlight the characteristics of fast recovery and low economic costs, and have a positive impact on the international community. Whether it is western medicine or Chinese medicine, we hope that the time 100th anniversary of the Communist Party and the 100th anniversary founding of China, it will be able to lead the world's medical and cultural trends.

Director of State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine of Shaanxi Province, Su Rongbiao said, "The Belt and Road" proposed by president in accordance with the new ideas is a national development strategy. In the development of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese medicine plays an important role.

As a new engine for the development of the western region, Shaanxi is the new fulcrum of the silk road. Since ancient times, there are sayings like "Qin Di no idle grass, many famous doctor in Shaanxi ". Shaanxi is rich in traditional Chinese medicine, and there are 3800 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine. In recent years, the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Shaanxi has been advanced by leaps and bounds. At present, there are 150 medical institutions in traditional Chinese medicine.

With the "The Belt and Road" construction in Shaanxi, to begin with are the university resources, technology resources, strengthen the cultivation of talents of Chinese medicine and basic research. Su Rongbiao told reporters, in the traditional Chinese medicine in Shaanxi Province, "13th Five-Year" planning, construction and clinical research will focus on the base to practice first. In addition, Shaanxi should strengthen the talent train

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