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Forming a new pattern of "belt and road": Chinese medicine will be developed in the international market

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Forming a new pattern of "belt and road": Chinese medicine will be developed in the international market

"China's traditional belt and road development plan" (2016-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") was jointly issued by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and the national development and reform commission. The plan will help the cooperation and development of Chinese medicine under the initiative of the countries along the line. Under the plan, China will establish 30 centers of Chinese medicine worldwide, formulate 20 international standards of Chinese medicine, register 100 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine products, and establish 50 bases for exchange and cooperation of traditional Chinese medicine by 2020.

Forming a new pattern of "belt and road": Chinese medicine will be developed in the international market

Internationalization of Chinese medicine has made great progress in recent years, but it also faces many challenges. Due to the lack of internationally accepted standards, Chinese medicine has not yet been recognized by the international community, especially in Europe, the United States and other mainstream countries.

Gansu Province, the "going out" strategy has made great achievements, in order to promote the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of foreign patients, the implementation of Gansu Province Traditional Chinese medicine culture is preferred, the culture of traditional Chinese medicine has been recognized and accepted along “the belt and the road".

The plan will play an important role in the development of Chinese medicine. Five key tasks are proposed: policy coordination, resource sharing, bond between people, technology convergence and unimpeded trade. Aim to promoting intergovernmental cooperation, sharing traditional Chinese medicine services with countries along the road and roads, strengthening cultural exchanges, promoting the innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

In order to ensure the implementation of the "plan", we put forward to improve the policy mechanism, increase financial support, strengthen the construction of qualified personnel, and strengthen the implementation. In addition, the fund should play an important role in the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure house of Chinese culture. We should vigorously promote the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine.


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