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Wu Sike:The Belt and Road To bring new opportunities for Chi

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Wu Sike:The Belt and Road To bring new opportunities for Chi

The second session of the International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine was held in Beijing by the International Exchange and Cooperation Branch of the Chinese National Medicine Association. The theme of this meeting is the internationalization of Chinese medicine and health of China, to promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine, to create human health fate community.

An Arab scholar summed up the situation in which they were developed in Europe, and they became colonies, and the people of the conquered nation were often the followers of the conquerors, the admirers, their economies, the suppliers of raw materials and the market , Would like to develop not, learn to learn to only beaten. Seeking to get rid of this situation, return to religion more than 1000 years ago, this also does not work, so did not find a suitable for their own development.

I think this thinking is very profound, we can think of China's reform and opening up after the road, you can maintain their own traditions, the traditional characteristics of China, but also to integrate into the world, the development of communication, so it saw these developments we think, Many of our countries have responded enthusiastically with a number of countries, and we have talked about the way in which the Middle East is at the junction of the Middle East and they are willing to cooperate with us. We often Talk about the Middle East issue, whether it is to solve the problem of immigration, turmoil, the problem of terror, to solve the problem, to fundamentally solve the problem. It is to develop, through the development of stability, to be able to promote the basic solution to these problems, so China's claim here, you pursue a political solution, in fact, more and more people to solve.

We have used this kind of cooperation all the way to solve these problems, bring a new era of a new idea, but also with our region to bring new areas of cooperation, there are unrest, such a problem, but for stability , And the development of the broad masses of the hope that the requirements of any person on the stage of history must also be so, he found the opportunity to cooperate with China, we have to follow the original historical origins of the region, the new period we have new opportunities, so in the This aspect of our Chinese philosophy, we more and more to understand, recognition, but also bring us new opportunities for development.

Previously, when we met in Dunhuang, I studied a bit, the Arab is open, Chinese medicine is open, it is not closed. In the Silk Road, we put the Chinese medicine into the West, but also learn from East Asia and other places of medicine, which from the history of a close contact, the new period I think this area is also a lot of prospects for cooperation. In Egypt, I introduced a medicine from our Yunnan to a local star of lung cancer. As we passed Zhao Dan, through that drug he really saw the effect, he boarded the news in the newspaper, after they have also conducted experiments on our Chinese medicine, 50 patients, nearly 40 had a significant effect, Get their approval, and now unrest, they are willing to cooperate with China's Chinese medicine, we have good cooperation opportunities in this regard, I believe that cooperation with the Arabs or a wide range of prospects.

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