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Automatic Biochemical Immunization Machine

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Automatic Biochemical Immunization Machine

Automatic Biochemical Immunization Machine

Germany Roche cobas8000 immunological and biochemical analyzer including ISE, C701, C502, E602 four analysis modules. This analyzer plays a major role for detection in biochemical indicators, such as liver and kidney function, cardiovascular function, immune function, electrolyte level, endocrine function, oncomarkers, Down screening, quantitative infectious diseases, drug and alcohol concentrations and others More than 200 subjects, suitable for all types of people biochemical examination. In comparison with the traditional biochemical analyzer, the advantage of this device is significant:

First, the speed, reaching 3670 tests / hour, for saving acute and seriously ill patients won precious time;

Secondly, the results of the equipment are more accurate, the device is used by reagents that are original convenience, can compared with global quality control, for patient diagnosis and treatment monitoring, to provide patients with favorable support.

Thirdly, the multi-channel reagent can simultaneously detect a maximum of more than 235 projects, providing various options for examining the patient;

Fourthly, operational procedures have "smart, effective and powerful" features, operation and maintenance have become easier to meet the high demand of the inspector and a variety of patients.

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