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Get Rid of Dialysis with Natural Treatment

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Get Rid of Dialysis with Natural Treatment

Miss Zheng came from Hubei Province, it is her third time to have treatment in our hospital. And for the first time she came here was 2015.


Her Scr was 651.9 μmol/L when she realize the kidney disease. local hospital suggested the dialysis and she accepted. Twenty days later, Scr was reduced but edema was severe and still no urine. Then, with the introduction of her uncle, she went to tongshantang hospital Kidney Disease Hospital for further treatment.

Her condition was complicated and after a serious of examination, she was diagnosed with lupus and chronic kidney failure. Then, the Toxin-Removing Therapy which was invented in 2014 was used to treat her condition. After a period of treatment, her condition was improved, Scr was reduced, and dialysis is not a necessary. Finally, they went home with joy. Doctor is still worry weather she can control her diet or not, and made frequent phone call to ask her about the condition.


She went back for recheck. This time, her Scr was 62μmol/L, 24-hour urinary protein quality was 0.17g. When communicated with her, we can feel that she trust the doctor and nurse here, and we can also feel that she was in a good mood and condition. She said it is her friends and relations’ help give her courage and probable to be there, and also the effect treatment that help her get rid of dialysis and living in a normal life.

Get Rid of Dialysis with Natural TreatmentGet Rid of Dialysis with Natural Treatment

Get Rid of Dialysis with Natural Treatmentchronic kidney failure

It is of great importance for patients to find a correct and effective treatment, and then, do insist, one time cure is the best choice. And when in treatment, cooperate with doctors and following their direction, taking medicine timely, prompt recheck is also necessary.

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