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Chinese medicine therapy effectively reduce creatinine, to avoid dialysis

Gender:male female

Chinese medicine therapy effectively reduce creatinine, to avoid dialysis

Integrative medicine can effectively control the deterioration of kidney disease

Female gender

Age: 42 years old

Nationality: United States

The main symptoms: 30 years of intermittent macroscopic hematuria, back pain, edema of the eyelids 6 years. 

Hospitalization time: September 25, 2015. 

Duration of stay: 30 days.

 History of the disease: 30 years ago, machematuria appeared, but without other obvious symptoms. The test showed that Protein-, occultism 3+ blood, red blood cells> 50 / HPV.6 years ago, swelling of the waist pain and eyelashes appeared. The test showed that the protein 2+, 3+ for latent blood, erythrocytes> 50 / HPF, creatinine level in blood serum 109umol / l.2 months ago, her disease went worse, serum creatinine increased to 138umol / L. To Prevent the disease goes worse and avoid dialysis, she decided to take Chinese medicine in our tongshantang hospital. 

September 25, 2015, she came to our hospital for the first time, then the test showed that his protein + - on the latent blood + - red blood cells 35-40 / HPV, creatinine in the blood serum 143 μmol / l, uric acid 439 According to her, the state of the disease, our doctor arranged a treatment plan for her, which consisted of Chinese medicine (Maikang mixture, Oral Chinese medicine, therapy and enema hot compress therapy) and Western medicine. The main function of Western medicine is to reduce lipids and inhibit the synthesis of uric acid. The main function of Chinese medicine is to promote mini blood circulation, improve immunity, dispel toxins, protect the kidneys from further damage and repair damaged kidneys. Tests after 30 days of treatment showed that its proteins, occultism of blood, red blood cells 30-35 / HPF, serum creatinine 139umol / L, 318umol uric acid / l. 

From the above, we can know that Western medicine cooperated with Chinese medicine can prevent kidney disease deterioration.

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