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Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined treatment of diabetic nephropathy

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Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined treatment of diabetic nephropathy

treatment of diabetic nephropathy

A 52-year-old man from Canada, he suffered from diabetic nephropathy for a long time, for further treatment he came to our hospital on October 2, 2015 Then he can not even work on his own, so our doctor gave him a wheelchair and pushed him Him in the ward. After 30 days of treatment, his life again, you can always see the smile on his face. Below are some details about it, let's look at it together. Status before the treatment: He feels tired and weak throughout the day and indulged in a dream, you can never see the smile on his face. Worse, his eyelids and lower extremities easily get edema, with blurred vision, he can not see things clearly. In addition, his urine drops to 700ml / 24h. The test protocol shows that: There is hydrothorax and ascitic fluid exist in his body. Blood pressure: 160 / 100mmHgLibbon: 3 + Hidden blood: 1 + Urine sugar: 1 + Serum creatinine: 319umol / : 23.9mmol / lUA: 515umol / lState after treatment: After 30 days of treatment, symptoms like swelling and weakness disappeared, a smile back to his face, he can even walk in the hall and ward freely. In addition, he can see the letters on the newspaper without glasses, his urine output increases to 1600ml / 24h. The test report shows that: disappeared hydrothorax and ascites fluid. Blood pressure: 130 / 90mmHgLibbon: 2 + Hidden blood + -glucose: + -Short Creatinine: 295umol / lAMK: 15.5mmol / lUA: 214umol / l Treatment: In his condition, our tongshantang hospital doctor made a treatment plan for him, which including Western medicine (to alleviate these symptoms for a short time) and Chinese medicine (to solve the problem Kidney from the root). Chinese medicine included Micro-Chinese medicine, foot bath with therapy, enema therapy and full bath therapy. If you want to know more information about our procedures or want to get diabetic nephropathy under control, you can send an email to us or contact our doctor On WhatsApp right away, we'll try our best to help you.

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