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A specialist in kidney disease from the hospital of Tongshantang Nephropathy conducted a consultation for a patient with diabetes

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A specialist in kidney disease from the hospital of Tongshantang Nephropathy conducted a consultation for a patient with diabetes

A specialist in kidney disease from the hospital of Tongshantang Nephropathy conducted a consultation for a patient with diabetes

"Look at my feet, before swelling very seriously, I could not go myself, and went out into the street for a wheelchair for the disabled. But now, I stand in front of you to talk with you, and even slowly run. "Mackey, who will soon be discharged from the hospital, told reporters with a smile. Recently, specialists in kidney disease from the hospital of Shizhajuang Hospital and East Green Hospital through a teleconsultation system to Once again, a consultation was held for McKay. He is a patient with diabetic nephropathy from Colombia, he is already 70 years old. Maccabee has a history of diabetic nephropathy for 12 years. And accompanied by high blood pressure, heart disease and other complications, his condition is difficult. Long time for medication and dialysis to stabilize the disease and sustain life. Recently, a local Colombian doctor told him that he has up to two years of life. With nostalgia for life and respect for Chinese medicine and hope, he came to the hospital Nephropathy of tongshantang hospital Hospital with his daughter. "Before coming to China, my father was in treatment, he dialysis three times a week." Daughter McKay told reporters, "my father has A good attitude for his illness, although dialysis only facilitates the development of the condition of the disease and did not bring improvement. But he is a person who loves life, he often tells me that he is still doing a lot of things. Because of illness, he is very sorry for every day in life. Until one day the doctor told him that his illness condition can only be of 2 years. His negative for some time, and then think about Chinese medicine, he always wanted to try. "In the near future, when we arrived at the hospital, the hospital arranged a teleconsultation for us. Specialists from Beijing and Shanghai developed programs for my father. During hospitalization, we will check the Chinese treatment and wonderful Chinese medicine. Now the edema at the feet of my fathers disappeared, the condition got better and controlled, then dialysis was phased out step by step! "The daughter of the mackey told the journalist:" A few days ago, the assessment of the effect of treatment by the father passed, the doctor told us that we can leave the hospital. But the pope still wants to strengthen the condition of the disease for a while. We expressed our idea, the hospital arranged a teleconsultation for strengthening the state of the disease and developing other programs for the father. In this program, used by blood cleansing and immunotherapy to treat the symptoms of Mackay, it is combined with a special traditional Chinese medicine treat to aim at further strengthening. "I am very grateful to the medical staff here, they really made me return hope, and I know that I Chose to come here is right. "Mackey told reporters. The kidney disease specialist will remind most patients with diabetes who have 10 to 20 years of diabetes, about 1/3 can occur in diabetic not Fropathy. Therefore, patients with diabetes should adhere to low-salt, low-protein, low-cholesterol, and low-fat diet. Effective blood sugar control, but also not neglect the screening of kidney disease, so early prevention.

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