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Treat kidney cysts in patients with polycystic kidney disease

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Treat kidney cysts in patients with polycystic kidney disease

Treat kidney cysts in patients with polycystic kidney disease

Gender man, age 57y.o., History bolezniPoyavlyal polycystic kidney disease 13 years, blood creatinine increase for 5 months. B14 in October 2015 for the first time admission to our hospital (Hospital nephropathy Shizyachzhuana). Observe patient receiving sallow complexion, matte, blood pressure 160/90 mm Hg, serum creatinine test results back to 416 mmol / l urea nitrogen: 18.3 mmol / l, Hb: 107 g / l, examination : soft lower limbs is pitting edema, abdominal circumference measured 131 cm, abdominal ultrasound tips: a large cyst of the right kidney 44x39 mm, left kidney bigger 45x34 mm, color of urine when the urine of the patient is very clear as water, colorless bezvkusno.Po doctors and Specialists, rational use of Tongshantang hospitals oral medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, physiotherapy, foot bath, enema, oral Meykan mixture treatment. abdominal circumference was significantly reduced to 111 cm, show the right kidney cyst 40x30 mm, left kidney cyst 42x34 mm, seven renal function: urea 14.7 mmol / L, creatinine 379 umol / L, uric acid, 492 mmol / l, urine became turbid , There flakes, the urine smell began to get bigger. Patients are very satisfied with the effectiveness of our hospital, voluntarily make videos, presentations and other patients. He said that he is conducting Chinese medicine treatment, this is his very right choice that he came to China. His condition made everything easier, as the swelling disappeared, the kidneys were decreasing. The urine becomes normal. If you are interested in Chinese medicine to treat polycystic kidney disease or kidney disease, you can contact us.

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