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why patients get kidney failure, will it be cured?

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kidney: Cold, Hypertension, Uremic, Anemia, Renal Failure


Why do people get kidney failure? Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, mouth with smell; nervous system fatigue, headache, dizziness, why patients get kidney failure, will it be cured?

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Want to get help: why patients get kidney failure, will it be cured?
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Hello, when the development of kidney disease into uremia, indicating that the destruction of renal tissue structure is extremely serious, resulting in a large number of toxins accumulate and can not be discharged out of body, damage the body organs, making the degree of damage to the various organs, clinical symptoms associated with a series of toxic symptoms and multiple organ damage, such as: severe heart failure, anemia, hard to control the high blood pressure, severe electrolyte metabolism disorders and acidosis.

For the treatment of renal failure, it is recommended that you can use a comprehensive system of treatment programs, from the kidneys on the fundamental treatment to repair some of the damaged kidney function, creatinine and other toxins reduced, a variety of complications can be alleviated, prevent disease progression , will have little impact on your further life.

Diet Note: pay attention to rest in daily life, avoid fatigue, prevent colds, do not stay up late; low fat diet, high quality protein diet, if have high serum potassium, it is recommended to eat less bananas, peanuts, pumpkin and other potassium-rich foods. You can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, appropriatly to eat some egg white, lean meat, freshwater fish, etc. I wish you a good recovery!

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