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What are the causes of chronic renal failure in children?

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What are the general cause of chronic renal failure? Is is caused by long-term nephritis without a good treatment? Or caused by food poisoning the kidneys?


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Chronic renal failure (CRF) is not an independent disease, it is caused by various causes of deterioration of renal damage to the end of the performance of renal function close to 10% of normal people, there is a series of syndromes generally have a longer course, According to the degree of renal damage to renal dysfunction in decompensated; renal insufficiency decompensated period, also known as azotemia; renal failure; end stage also known as uremia.


1. Active treatment of primary disease, active treatment of chronic renal failure is one of the important measures

2. To correct the reversible factors such as correcting the deterioration of renal failure, such as correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, timely control of infection, relieve urinary tract obstruction, treatment of heart failure, stop the use of nephrotoxic drugs, so that renal function improved.

3. Reasonable diet


Possible causes of these: (1) glomerulonephritis: immune complex caused by a variety of pathophysiological changes lead to glomerulonephritis, and finally cause kidney failure. Renal failure can occur within a few months, can also be extended for several years, until the serum urea and creatinine rise, renal function dropped to half of normal range, the symptoms will appear.Early after a few years, until the terrible symptoms of uremia after the diagnosis of glomerulonephritis.

(2) interstitial nephritis (3) diabetic nephropathy


It must be caused by nephritis not cure, I suggest you have active treatment, can help with traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney.

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