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what are the causes of kidney failure in humans?

Gender: Age: 2017-06-13 09:51
kidney: Chronic nephritis
Illness:  what is the cause of kidney failure? I wonder if the chronic nephritis under control,how long will it turn into kidney failure? I was diagnosed as chronic glomerulonephritis this year, doctor said i cannot be cured, i am so afraid, i am still young. Doctor said my renal function is normal, now in the stage of chronic nephritis. My Occult blood 3+, proteinuria. Creatinine within the normal range. No white blood cells.
Sick time: unclear
Want to get help: what are the causes of kidney failure in humans?
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[1] Diet tips of kidney failure: 1,proper protein intake;2,enough calories intake3, pay attention to control the water and salt (sodium) intake; 4, to avoid containing high potassium and high phosphorus food. 

Reason: kidney Failure can be pided into acute and chronic, acute renal failure disease progression is rapid, usually due to kidney blood supply (such as trauma or burns), the kidneys caused by a certain cause of damage caused by damage or poison damage caused by acute Renal failure, while chronic renal failure is mainly due to long-term kidney disease, with the time and disease, the function of the kidney gradually decreased, resulting in the occurrence of renal failure. 


[2] We should pay highly attention to kidney failure, the answers are as follows: uremia is not a independent disease but a pair of clinical syndrome. At the end stage of chronic kidney failure,the three functions of kidney gradually lose, which appear a series of syndromes and metabolic disorders, thus come to uremia. The diagnosis of uremia is not only the level of blood creatinine, but also the synthesis of the various systems of clinical manifestations.

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