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what to do with kidney failure which is caused by diabetes.

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Illness: My mother have been on diabetes for 10 years, over the 10 years she always depends on medicine to maintain its normal blood sugar. Last month,she suddenly out of conscious, doctor says it is kidney failure caused by diabetes. In fact , she is diabetes diet has sucked me already, i want to know the diet advice of me mother.
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Want to get help: i want to know about diet advice for patients like my mother.
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Hello, the condition of your mother, which is kidney failure caused by diabetes must be treat correct that could possibly rehabilitation. Traditional Chinese medicine long-term clinical practice has accumulated a number of unique odd side recipe recommended the use of traditional Chinese medicine habitat, anemarrhena, litchi core, green fruit, Dendrobium, Cistanche, Scrophulariaceae, Pricklyne, Desmodium, etc. With the treatment of effective of the exact safety of non-toxic side effects for long-term use of these drugs to break the conventional hypoglycemic drugs in the unique active ingredients by human transformation can be completely restored Islet cell function to clear the pathogen of diabetes pathogens - sugar toxin break the insulin barrier around the insulin receptor and the insulin receptor to restore the body's normal glucose metabolism quickly achieve the purpose of smooth blood sugar on the efficacy of diabetes complications can be quickly improved.

Hello, kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes patients should pay more attention to light-based diet, as little as possible less oil less salt, as well as Eat small meals. Usually pay more attention to monitoring blood sugar. Medication should pay more attention should be avoided with some damage to the kidney medicine.


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