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kidney: chronic kidney disease
Illness: Hello, I am suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) , my creatinine level rises to 3 mg / l and proteinuria. How to improve the condition? How to reduce creatinine and proteinuria?
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You have albumin and creatinine 3 mg / dL, creatinine has been very high. It is usually recommended to limit your diet. Diet limits protein intake, especially vegetable protein.

It is not enough only to change the diet, reduce creatinine and proteinuria, such as elevated creatinine levels and proteinuria due to kidney problems with renal infection with ESIT unclean waste and dangerous solid matter. Diet can help relieve proteinuria, creatinine, but will not repair and rebuild your kidneys. This treatment needs. Here, I advise you or Chinese medicine, not the European method.

- micro-Chinese medicine penetration therapy:

Osmosis therapy which created the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, but also from the traditional. Optional grass crushed into a special bag,

The ingredients that are cooked and put into the medicine are contained in the kidney itself. These ingredients can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, increase the kidney to weaken the ischemic and hypoxic kidney, cleave the extracellular matrix, and prevent renal fibrosis.

- for the treatment of foot bath: as a rule, in the feet, there are points. For the treatment bath is the method of dipping your feet in the treatment of the soup. Thereby eliminating the waste in the blood, improve blood circulation, enhance the immune system. In addition, the treatment of bath, spring treatment, enema and moxibustion is also a good choice for the removal of waste.

In particular, Jiantang drink, mixed plum card and other Chinese medicine cooked also help. Alien grass and external methods together to treat the kidneys, thereby reducing creatinine and proteinuria.

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