• what causes occult blood in Child

    2018-06-09 08:44:05

    Urinary occult blood is more common in kidney disease, and now many children suffer from the disease, making many parents are very worried about their childrens health. So, what are the causes of occult children? Here let experts introduce to you, I hope ...


  • Protein, occult blood is always repeated?It's important for

    2018-04-01 11:42:08

    One of the common symptoms of nephropathy is proteinuria, which is characterized by a large amount of foam in the urine that cannot be dispersed for a long time, which is caused by a large amount of protein flowing into the urine. In addition, proteinuria...


  • Common causes of hematuria

    2017-08-12 10:57:17

    Many people care about hematuria What are the common reasons? Hematuria As the name suggests is the urine in the urine, one of the common symptoms of renal urinary system diseases perticulitis. So what are the common causes of hematuria? The following...

    Tags:causes of he,perticulitis

  • What is proteinuria?

    2017-07-01 10:56:29

    Proteinuria refers to the urine protein content exceeds the normal range. Usually urinary routine examination of urine protein greater than or equal to 1 +, 1 week for 2 to 3 times, or 24 hours urine protein 150mg. Such as 24-hour urine protein quantitati...

    Tags:What is prot

  • Children's nephrotic syndrome patients how to eat three meal

    2017-07-01 10:51:55

    Nephrotic syndrome is due to glomerular filtration membrane on plasma protein permeability increased, resulting in a large number of plasma protein loss from the urine to a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia and edema for its mai...


  • Urine red blood must be hematuria?

    2017-07-01 10:48:56

    Not necessarily. There are several possibilities: 1, non-urinary tract bleeding: vaginal or lower gastrointestinal bleeding. Adolescent girls need to exclude menstrual pollution. 2, red urine: Such as certain drugs, rifampicin can make urine into orange N...

    Tags:hematuria,Urine red bl

  • Urinary tract infection should be treated with what drugs?

    2017-06-27 11:08:28

    For urinary tract infection should be what drug treatment, many people do not know the urinary tract infection, and even some patients do not know how the urinary tract infection is going on. Urinary tract infection is pided into upper urinary tract infec...

    Tags:Urinary trac

  • What is the treatment of kidney disease?

    2017-06-27 11:07:29

    Got a kidney disease how to treat blood So what is going on? In order to let everyone solve doubts, for everyones doubts I am here to make a detailed explanation. Focus on: urinary occult blood how to do Nephropathy is due to the patients self-regulatory ...

    Tags:treatment of,What is the

  • Hematuria in patients with dietary attention to what?

    2017-06-27 11:05:28

    On the hematuria in patients with dietary attention to what, this is a patient recently, Ms. Liu has been in the consultation, in fact, and Ms. Liu has been confused people a few, hematuria caused by a lot of reasons, then how can we prevent the diet And ...

    Tags:Hematuria,Hematuria di

  • Experts for you to answer the urine of red blood cells is ho

    2017-06-27 11:04:00

    Patient consultation: Experts, I would like to ask how too much red blood cells in the matter ah? Is there inflammation? what is it then? White blood cells is normal, and red blood cells are too high, and there is no discomfort of the symptoms ah, urine r...


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