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what causes occult blood in Child

2018-06-09 08:44

Urinary occult blood is more common in kidney disease, and now many children suffer from the disease, making many parents are very worried about their children's health. So, what are the causes of occult children? Here let experts introduce to you, I hope that can help everyone .

what causes occult blood in Child

1. Check the urinary occult blood in children with facial edema, decreased urine output, high blood pressure, which may be chronic glomerulonephritis or acute glomerulonephritis.

2. The process of urination in children with pain or dysuria phenomenon, indicating that there may be urinary tract stones.

3. Children's families and parents have kidney disease patients, children with urinary occult blood situation is to check whether genetic.

4. Urinary occult blood in children during other parts of the deformity, to check whether the kidneys deformity.

In addition, there may be temporary urine occult blood after strenuous exercise in children. Urinary occult blood after exercise has no obvious uncomfortable feeling and no other symptoms appear. The main reason leading to this situation is strenuous exercise leading to renal damage, treatment can take some hemostatic drugs, so that children have enough rest, exercise slowly increased from small to small.

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