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Protein, occult blood is always repeated?It's important for

2018-04-01 11:42

One of the common symptoms of nephropathy is proteinuria, which is characterized by a large amount of foam in the urine that cannot be dispersed for a long time, which is caused by a large amount of protein flowing into the urine. In addition, proteinuria is a symptom of kidney disease. It can in turn damage the kidneys, exacerbating the patient's condition.

Protein, occult blood is always repeated?It's important for nephrotic patients to understand these two points.

Normally, we should not be more than 0.15 grams of protein excreted through the urine every day. How does the urine protein of patients with nephropathy produce? There are probably three situations:

Inflammatory response. Inflammation induced by the deposition of immune complexes can destroy the glomerular filtration barrier, especially the fusion of podocytes and foot processes, leading to the release of large amounts of protein.

Both hypertension and diabetes can cause elevated intrarenal pressure, mainly in the glomeruli, which can force the protein out of the water and cause urine protein.

Tubular damage. The ability of reabsorption will be seriously affected. Although glomerular filtration function is completely normal, renal tubules can not be completely reabsorbed into the blood, which can also cause protein loss.

We need to maintain a high level of attention to health, but we should not be too anxious, let alone blindly take medicine. Creatinine level can really reflect the kidney filtration function. In general, creatinine is very stable, through the help of doctors, The overall renal function can be judged by the creatinine values regularly monitored in patients with nephropathy, but not absolutely, we can also use other routine methods for adjuvant treatment.

Diet must be strictly controlled, requiring a low-salt, high-quality, low-protein, low-fat diet. Reduce meat from food, and then reduce creatinine. Clinically, the condition remains stable, creatinine is stable, Most of them manage their bodies strictly from the point of view of diet.

Here is an explanation of high quality and low protein. Low protein should be understood, that is, protein intake should not be excessive. You can consult your doctor in detail. Quality refers to proteins with high levels of essential amino acids, such as common eggs, milk, fish, and plant proteins such as soybeans, which can be eaten in moderation by patients with kidney disease.

Clear creatinine through the intestinal tract. Creatinine is excreted mainly from the kidney. When the kidney is injured, the body chooses to discharge part of it through other channels in order to save itself. For example, intestinal tract. Traditional Chinese medicine enema is also this part of the principle. Clinical use of aldehydes starch for intestinal absorption.

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