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What is the treatment of kidney disease?

2017-06-27 11:07

Got a kidney disease how to treat blood So what is going on? In order to let everyone solve doubts, for everyone's doubts I am here to make a detailed explanation.

Focus on: urinary occult blood how to do

Nephropathy is due to the patient's self-regulatory mechanism of dysfunction, the formation of a large number of immune complexes in the kidney a lot of inherent different cell areas, causing inflammation. Kidney urine routine examination of occult blood, because there is no removal of the kidneys destructive material immune complex, so the treatment of occult blood is to repair the inherent damage of the kidney cell structure, so the destruction of the glomerular basement mode is still continuing. Rather than the surface to eliminate the occult blood, because the simple treatment of vaginal discharge easily recurrent. In this still remind you about the emergence of the occult blood do not indiscriminate use of drugs, so as not to delay the disease, it is recommended that you go to a regular kidney hospital treatment, to do further examination, and then for specific treatment in time.

The so-called occult blood is the "potential bleeding", also under the microscope or the naked eye can not be observed whether there is red blood cells exist, with the test paper can be found red blood cells, it is because when the red blood cells are destroyed, the containment of heme will be released Out, so the urine test rod to detect the reaction of heme. But why will the red blood cells rupture before leaving the body, it may be the life of the red blood cells itself has come, like the bubble itself to dissolve, it may be to drink a lot of water, urine becomes weak, red blood cells and thus rupture, no matter how Occult blood, as a hematuria is generally a warning, can not be ignored.

Also in the usual diet, but also note the following:

1. As little as possible to eat meat and other fatty and salty food.

2. prohibit the consumption of high-fat foods, such as: eggs, egg yolk and so on.

3. ban smoking.

4. Drink plenty of water to play a role in the prevention and treatment of all components of urine.

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