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Hematuria in patients with dietary attention to what?

2017-06-27 11:05

On the hematuria in patients with dietary attention to what, this is a patient recently, Ms. Liu has been in the consultation, in fact, and Ms. Liu has been confused people a few, hematuria caused by a lot of reasons, then how can we prevent the diet And attention to hematuria?

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Tong Shantang experts said that for hematuria patients, the diet can not eat spicy spicy food, mainly onions, peppers, ginger and garlic. Hematuria patients can not eat barbecue food and greasy food, seafood products can not eat.

He Zhuren further said hematuria patients should pay attention to the prevention of colds, usually to develop the habit of drinking plenty of water. Also pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol, can not drink coffee.

Hematuria patients also pay attention to eat less food, eat more cooling blood and hemostatic food, including Malan head, watermelon, melon, shepherd's purse, fresh lotus and lotus seeds. Patients can eat more persimmon, pears, persimmons, apples and oranges.

Tong Shan Tang experts also mentioned that some snail, turtle, sea cucumber and mussels and other types of therapeutic effect, pay attention to moderate consumption.

Tong Shantang experts also reminded that hematuria patients in addition to the attention of the diet on the auxiliary, the main is to actively go to the hospital for examination and treatment, only from the cause of hematuria to start to the right medicine, completely cured hematuria. What causes hematuria

Is the focus of the study of the national kidney disease research base, where it is the "therapy" the only designated hospitals, this therapy can be done for the patient's lesion site to repair, and can adjust the immune balance, activation of renal cell self-repair capacity, play Enhance the role of human immunity, but also according to the different circumstances of patients with flexible control of the treatment time, and rapid treatment, you can save a lot of treatment time and cost of patients, we recommend that you go to check as soon as possible in order to symptomatic treatment.

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