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Experts for you to answer the urine of red blood cells is ho

2017-06-27 11:04
Patient consultation:

Experts, I would like to ask how too much red blood cells in the matter ah? Is there inflammation? what is it then? White blood cells is normal, and red blood cells are too high, and there is no discomfort of the symptoms ah, urine red blood cells is how too much? Every time the results of the hospital to check there are some different, more than once serious, what is the reason? Doctors did not see any problems, what is the red blood cells in urine is how the matter, can give me a detailed explanation.

Experts answer:

Hello, urine erythrocytes are called hematuria, healthy people's urine is only a trace or even no red blood cells, urine red blood cells is not completely said that the impact of the disease, because some people in the strenuous exercise, Heavy physical labor and long after the station may be mixed with red blood cells in the urine, as well as during the medication, some drugs will lead to red blood cells appear in urine, if there is red blood cells in urine, may also be related to the physiological period , These are normal phenomenon, do not worry, but if the long-term red blood cells in the urine too much, do not disappear, you may be vigilant. What causes hematuria

Hematuria is common in the following diseases:

(1) primary nephritis: acute and chronic nephritis, benign acute hemorrhagic nephritis, focal nephritis and so on.

(2) secondary glomerulonephritis: lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis, IgA nephropathy.

(3) genitourinary infection: kidney tuberculosis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis and so on.

(4) urinary stones: ureteral stones, bladder stones, kidney stones and so on.

(5) other urinary tract diseases: walking kidney, polycystic kidney disease, kidney ptosis and so on.

(6) urinary tract injury: a drug or chemical damage to the kidneys and so on.

(7) genitourinary tumors: bladder cancer, ureteral tumor, prostate cancer, kidney tumors.

From the list can be observed in the urine of red blood cells are more than 95% of the urinary tract itself is due to the disease itself, and in the event of abnormal and no symptoms, which is often encountered, the emergence of such a situation suggested that patients should To the normal hospital to improve renal function, urinary and blood, such as the inspection and diagnosis, must be timely treatment, can not blindly believe that remedies, aggravate the disease, while life pay attention to diet, pay attention to rest, proper drinking water, in this wish all the friends are Can have a healthy body.

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