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The source of hematuria

2017-06-27 11:03

Often asked about the source of hematuria, this article invited experts to answer the source of hematuria for us.

About the source of hematuria

The judgment of the source of hematuria can be tested with urine three cups. The specific method of judgment is:

1) initial hematuria: urination began to have hematuria, urine after the clear, suggesting that the anterior urethra (bulb and penis) lesions can be seen in the site of foreign body, inflammation, cancer, polyps, stones and stenosis.

2) terminal hematuria: urine before the end of urination in the blood or after the termination of urination is still completely bleeding from the urethra, often prompted bladder neck, bladder triangle, posterior urethra or prostate disease.

3) full hematuria: urine in the whole process of urination are blood, suggesting that the bladder neck with urinary tract bleeding, such as kidney or bladder. If the blood clots within the urine, often indicate a bladder or urethral bleeding.

The above is the same kind of experts on the "hematuria source" answer, if you are not very clear source of hematuria, you can consult online, while Director Zhang remind you that once the hematuria, should be in-depth and meticulous to check to Clear the source of hematuria and its causes.

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