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How is hematuria determined?

2017-06-27 10:59

Many kidney disease have hematuria, then hematuria is how to determine it? What kind of urine called hematuria it? , The kidney disease experts for hematuria is how to determine, give us the following recommendations

How is hematuria determined?

Blood with urine is hematuria, according to the blood content can be pided into gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria

1. gross hematuria

Naked eye can see the blood disease by laboratory tests confirmed that red blood cells known as gross hematuria, 100ml urine containing 1ml of blood that was gross hematuria.

2. mirror hematuria

Through the microscope to see the red blood cells are called microscopic hematuria. Microscopic hematuria diagnostic criteria are still controversial, in fact, this is different from the different units of the test method differences. It is generally believed that there are more than three erythrocytes in the high power field of the centrifugal urine with the diagnostic significance of the disease.

Above is the hematuria is how to determine,tongshantang explanation, in fact, there is a red urine called, but the red urine is not necessarily hematuria, intake of certain foods such as beetroot, purple radish, black sauce fruit, urine can be presented red. Taking certain drugs, such as aminopyrine, mountain year, rifampicin, rhubarb, phenol red, can make urine red.

So when the urine when the red do not have to worry, to find a professional kidney disease hospital check, diagnosed condition, hematuria is a lot of clinical manifestations of kidney disease, so hematuria is how to determine the issue is very important. Then cause the cause of hematuria What is it, our director Zhang also made a detailed explanation, Zhang Zhuren suggested that patients should be cured, do not wait serious in the treatment, as it will delay the best time for treatment, Treatment will be more trouble, our hospital to introduce advanced medical equipment, is the national key kidney hospital, welcomed the patient consultation.

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