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What are the hematuria in the kidney disease?

2017-06-27 10:58

Some people asked hematuria which kidney disease will have? Hematuria in many diseases will have, including kidney disease, many people have questions, hematuria in which kidney disease will have it? Here is the explanation given by the experts of the kidney disease:

For hematuria in which kidney disease will have the same experts said that the main common include the following aspects:

① mesangial nephritis (including IGA nephropathy and non-IgA mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis);

② focal segmental nephritis;

③ thin basement membrane nephropathy. One of the most common is IGA nephropathy, igA nephropathy patients almost all hematuria, about 60% of hematuria, simple hematuria about 1/2 Microscopic hematuria in about 60% of patients.

Followed by hematuria in which kidney disease there will be:

(1) non-IgA mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis: in our country about 70% of the patients with hematuria, 30% were gross hematuria, manifested as simple hematuria about 40%, microscopic hematuria in about 30% Disease caused. Mainly due to glomerular mesangial cells and mesangial matrix hyperplasia; mesangial area may have immune complex deposition, immunopathological examination of IgG and (or) IgM-based immunoglobulin and complement C3 deposition.

(2) focal glomerulonephritis: is a group of different pathogenic factors and different pathogenesis caused by inflammation. Clinically recurrent hematuria, often for the naked eye hematuria. Common in allergic purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis and other diseases.

(3) thin basement membrane nephropathy: formerly known as benign family of hematuria, mainly for continuous microscopic hematuria, occasional gross hematuria, the course of good, normal renal function. Light microscopic glomerular normal or basic normal, previously thought that the disease is a genetic disease, in recent years found that this situation is only about 40%, so the need for further study.

Tips: hematuria in which kidney disease will have? Above is the analysis of experts, before checking the hematuria must pay attention to their own eating habits and living habits, the only way to be conducive to the disease, hematuria in determining which type of disease has a very important value. We have always been accurate analysis of the disease, has always been to inpidualized approach, our experts will be based on patient disease to develop effective treatment program, is the first choice for patients with kidney disease!

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