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What is red blood cells in urine?

2017-06-27 10:53

What is red blood cells in urine?We all know is to carry out urine routine examination will be found, then the urine appears red blood cells is why? In the urine routine is a red blood cell examination, if the number of red blood cells appear more than three when there is a hematuria, there are many reasons for the emergence of erythrocytes in urine, can be pided into two categories: one is Physiological performance, the other is a pathological manifestation, the following we specifically to look at.

Physiological performance mainly includes several points:

1. Drugs, such as phenytoin and aminopyrine, etc., the emergence of hematuria is only temporary, the disappearance of drug effects, symptoms will slowly disappear.

2. female fake stage, uterus and vaginal bleeding, urine will appear red blood cells.

3. Strenuous exercise can also lead to temporary urine red blood cells, as long as the rest of the symptoms will disappear. >>> how to find hematuria it

Pathological performance mainly includes several points:

1. Kidney disease caused, such as glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis and kidney stones and other kidney disease, there will be symptoms of red blood cells.

2. Urinary system diseases, such as urethral calculi. Inflammation and cancer.

3. Hemorrhagic disease, such as leukemia.

The above is the "red blood cells in the urine is why" solution, and hope to give you help to remind the majority of patients, if found in the urine red blood cells, to the hospital in time to check the cause, do not delay the treatment of the disease, to avoid deterioration. There is pathological hematuria, if the treatment is not timely, it will lead to very serious disease, because most of the blood are caused by kidney, so it must not be ignored.

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