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How do you find hematuria?

2017-06-27 10:52

Hematuria is how the matter, how to find hematuria it, hematuria symptoms are more complex but the body is harmful, the emergence of hematuria will be accompanied by some symptoms. On how to find hematuria, we come to listen to the same experts to explain.

How do you find hematuria?

1, pay attention to observe the urine when there is no bubble, urinary foam increased, then the urine that protein, the characteristics of this bubble is often a layer of urine floating a small bubble for a long time does not disappear.

2, regular check urine routine, if necessary, 24 hours urine protein quantitative, regular annual urine inspection is very cheap and convenient way.

3, high-risk groups to regularly check urinary protein, chronic kidney disease causes a variety of perse, with more chronic and more risk factors for people with dirty disease need us special attention. These risk factors include: suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, the elderly, a family history of kidney disease and so on. These populations should be regularly tested for urinary protein and even microalbuminuria, especially in hypertensive and diabetic patients. >>> blood urine how to check

Through how to find hematuria of the narrative, I believe that patients have understood. Here I suggest that patients can accept the "therapy" treatment, the use of the instrument pulse heat through the principle of intelligent targeting high concentrations of drugs directly through the blood to the kidneys local, in the kidneys produced more than a few times the conventional Drug concentration, rapid penetration of renal disease lesions, give full play to drugs, so that the drug molecules into the kidneys, repair damaged functional cells and renal function, reconstruction of the kidney should be structured to achieve a dynamic balance of organs physiological function to cure the disease.


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